Internet Radios

Here there are my favourite Internet Radios.
Check them out, they're sure worth a look.

Nightwave Plaza   - it's the best Vaporwave (and it's subgenres) Web Radio.

Big Blue Swing   - My favourite Jazz Radio.     RIP

Jet Set Radio Live!   - Not exactly a web radio since you can skip tracks, more like a web player. Great Jet Set Radio (and inspired) music here, they also link to great JSR fan-made content, good job guys!. Should listen to this more often though ...

Poolside FM   - Just like above not quite a web radio. While Nightwave Plaza delighted us with a Windows 9x-like interface, Poolside goes the opposite direction taking as much inspiration as it can from Mac OS Classic while still having it's own style. Music here is as 80s inspired as it gets. If not for the music, is worth checking it out just to mess around with the website a bit. :)